Patio Stones define beauty, elegance and durability. Patio Stones are ideal for a wide variety of applications such as patios, Walkways and outdoor kitchens. Patio Stone can also be used as caps for retaining, stacked walls, and columns. Available in a wide range of colors and designs Patio Stones continue to be very popular.

We carry a wide variety of Patio Stones that are no longer produce anywhere else including, 18” & 24” square Patio Stones, 12” 18” & 24” sizes of Round Patio Stones, and Moonstone.

We supply only quality Full size 2” thick Patio Stones not the wafer thin kind you will find at the big box stores. These are quality American Made Patio Stone that will last for years.

We deliver 6 six days a week throughout Tampa Bay and beyond for your convenience. Call Today.

12 inch patio stone

Patio Stone
12in x 12in x 2 3/8in

16 inch patio stone

Patio Stone
16in x 16in x 2in

18 inch concrete patio stones

Patio Stone
18in x 18in x 2in

24 inch large patio stone

Patio Stone
24in x 24in x 2in

villa patio stones

Villa Stone
6.25in x 9.38in x 2.38in
9.38in x 9.38in x 2.38in
9.38in x 12.5in x 2.38in

hexagon patio stones

Classic Hexagon Stone
16in x 16in x 2in

moon patio stones and round patio stones

Moon Stone &
Round Patio Stone